Pluie to-who?

Moving between music and theatre, we invented a new term to describe our songwriting: "striped-folk style" ("folk a righe" in Italian).

What we try to picture is the image of an acoustic duo with the kind of simple comedy and melancholy typical of a mime artist. We tell our story with self-mockery, approaching deep topics in a delicate way, laughing at melancholy.

Pluie Toujours is Federica and Matteo, together with the guitar, the vocals, the ukulele, the stripes and the number two.

Coup de Concért - show under the umbrella

"When the rehearsal session mixes up with the performance: what happens behind the scenes? The Pluie Toujours are pleased to lift the curtain on their music and let you peek behind the scenes of their "jouer", while they get ready for the real show"

The act last about one and a half hour, but can be adapted and shortened (30 min, 45 min or 1 hour) depending on the context (busker festivals, clubs, theaters, house concerts).

The show contains a progression of unpublished songs, some covers rearranged in our "striped folk" style and a set of theater interludes. This of mix of languages and styles makes our show suitable for a diverse audience.

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